At this site you can view and download sets of bible story cards used by Rev. John Grindell in his children’s ministry. They were drawn by John and his artist friend, Mrs. Pam Thatcher. They are suitable for use in any children’s ministry but have been used extensively in school assemblies and church children’s meetings.

Use the Contact page to leave us a message or tell us how you are using the pictures. If you want to make comments on a particular set of cards, use the comment facility on the card page.

The images are free to download and use. All we ask is that you leave us a quick note to tell us how you are using them, thanks.

15 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thank you for the images.
    I need to use for illustrating my sermon or preaching gospel.
    I wish there will be more and enough different pictures

    God bless you

  2. LOVE these pictures. Have been looking for pictures to use at a CSSM (summer Bible club) in Northern Ireland to tell the story of the unmerciful servant to little ones. Love the bright, clear pictures on this site. Thanks very much 🙂

  3. Hello dear brothers is wonderful your work taht you do, I have a set of Cards that has the explanation behind it, and they are very old and I need to know how to get other I am a Pastor from Honduras and I use them in a very good way. Thank you and GOD bless you on a wonderful way. Sincerely Pastor Fidel.

  4. Dear John, I was first introduced to you at your last Holiday Club in Colwall, was v. impressed then. Took details of your web-site at the time. Now we are doing a series on Jesus’ miracles at Sunday School and I am doing the story of the blind man at the Pool of Shiloam at Sunday School tomorrow morning in same church and desperately needed some pictures to illustrate it, so I looked your site up, for the very first time – and could not believe my ‘luck’ – that you have exactly this story in such wonderful simple story-teller mode and technicolour! Thanks a million for your generosity! Jutta

  5. We’re going to use these at church to tell the Easter story at our egg hunt.


  6. Thank you so much for sharing these images. They are very useful to teach kids at Sunday school. I am using them for the illustration and bible art & craft. Thank you again. They are really needed and precious.

  7. Thanks for creating this website ,I would use these story cards today to tell the kids at Sunday school the story of the prodigal son…to make it look real to them…

  8. So happy I found these Bible story cards, they will help so much while teaching the younger children in Vacation Bible school. I only wish you had more! Thank you!

  9. Thank you for sharing these lovely Bible Cards. I will be using them in our Trackers Sunday School at our Countess of Huntingdon Connexion Chapel, Cradley
    Kind Regards

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